Syncthing-Tray for Linux and Windows

Syncthing-Tray is a Indicator for the tray of Linux and Windows. It shows the current state of syncthing with different icons for uploading, downloading, idle etc.

It is available at with binary releases for Windows and Linux. Building on Mac could also work, but i don’t have one so i can’t make a release for that.

Known issues:

  • text on right click menu is not always updated (observed in ubuntu, maybe bug in trayhost?)

Looks like this under Manjaro:

Ahh! It might have been me not setting up config.xml :blush: Sorry about that!

Fixing the config.xml made the tray-icon appear white, and the top of the menu now displays the version of Syncthing. The rest still looks the same.

This looks right then, the other stuff is just not implemented yet, where item B and B1 is i planned to put the status of the nodes. I don’t know what i will do with the clickable placeholders, they are just there for testing. maybe one that opens the gui in a browser would be useful.

The white indicator says that you are connceted to at least one node and it is in sync, it has arrows up and down when it’s uploading/downloading. When no node is connected the icon is gray

How about some popup message when files are added/removed/changed?

And also for every other happening like lost connection, connection established and so on- this would be very great! Buttons to start and stop the service could be useful too :slight_smile:

trayhost (see link in initial post) does not seem to support popup messages from what i have seen and syncthing does not have the api for all of that i think :wink: but yeah, that stuff could be useful

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Updated first post: New version that uses the event interface of syncthing 0.9 is available at

new version available, windows should hopefully not crash any more

Will pulse have a similar tool in the future? Can we use syncthingtray and change the name of the executable for now?

Currently it should work with pulse without any modifications. I’m not going to release another version just for renaming so if you don’t want that it says “Syncthing” when you click on it someone else has to do that :wink:

If there will be API changes I will see if I support pulse or not, but I hope the API will just stay compatible.

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I am on Mac but I am a Go noob, How do I try to make this work?

You need to install Go and a C compiler that works with Go and then go get could work, but I don’t have a Mac so i’m not sure if it even runs there, but in theory it should.

Support for v0.12 added (v0.11 not supported any more, use older version for this), also performance is increased a bit by using the events already at the beginning

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