Syncthing to Synology Server (Windows 11)

To replace Synctoy for Windows 11, I cannot find setup for my Synology NAS. Documentation mention Syncthing between two PC’s both with Syncthing. Can anyone help?

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Model of your Synology NAS? (It can make huge difference on whether it’s even practical to run Syncthing.)

There is a package for Synology at SynoCommunity that might work for you.


Thank You. My Lenovo X1 Win 11 and my Synology DS3617XS are now connected.

However, the connection was later lost, and the folders were not shared.

I would very much appreciate a simple advice on how to solve this essential part og the installation

Kind regards, Jorgen Gullestrup

What do you mean the connection was lost? Can you post screenshots of Syncthing’s Web GUI?

I use Syncthing among other Synology´s also with a DS1621xs+ which is very similar to the DS3617xs. Actually you can use the above mentioned native package or the also well running Docker package.

Read the documentation carefully and set the permissions in the DS system control for the shared folders to the sc-syncthing user you want to use with Syncthing.

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