Syncthing to link my Windows 10 , Iphone & Ipad

Hello, I am fairly new to Syncthing, therefore the questions. I searched the web but I couldn’t find a satisfactory description or answer to my problem. So, I have my W10 computer, and I have been looking for a way to link my W10, iPhone 7, iPad, meaning, I upload a pdf on my W10, which I then can browse through with my iPhone, or iPad. (The line of upload-communication is always through my W10 to my apple devices, never the other way around.) This however seemingly easy task for Dropbox and other cloud services seems to be impossible using Synchting. Am I wrong? Please, any help is appreciated if there is something easy I have missed. By the way, I noted an app on AppStore “fsync()” is this the answer to my problem maybe?

We don’t support iOS. There is fsync on the app store, but we are not behind it and don’t know if it actually works.

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