syncthing to LAN sync OneDrive folders


I am aware SyncThing can have some problems syncing OneDrive folders of the same user on multiple PCs.

Its been a while since I used syncthing, but I am wondering if it can help.

We have a Sharepoint folder shared between multiple users. We also have some separate work that has to be on a local network folder due to speed issues with OneDrive/Sharepoint. Some of the work we do in this folder has very large files, circa 10GB.

We can’t move these files to Sharepoint/Onedrive because of the time it takes to upload to the cloud and download again when a user changes something.

I am wondering if we could put the files in Sharepoint, but have Syncthing sync the folders over the LAN so users do not have to wait for the cloud upload/download.

Is this possible, has anyone done this?

Any help is appreciated.