Syncthing takes out my wireless network

I am trying to sync 2 folders; documents and videos, on two Win 10 computers. I primarily work on one of them, the other is the one that I travel with but it is nice to have the same “stuff” on both.

A few minutes after syncthing starts transferring data, it apparently just saturates the network. I set the transfer limit to 1,024 B/s for upload rate and download rate on both machines, and I set the limits on both machines.

For testing, I can open up a command window and ping google and get decent ping times and no dropped packets. Within a few seconds of unpausing syncthing the ping window starts dropping packets and every other device on the network has speed issues.

I have a wget process on another machine on the network throttled back to 10K/sec and that causes zero problems, and just ticks along happy.

I am apparently doing something wrong with syncthing and setting up the up and download limits. I should be able to set them to 50K or so and not be obtrusive.

So, what am I doing wrong with syncthing?

I should clarify, the syncthing issue messes up the wget on the other machine, I mentioned the wget process to show that the network can reliably sustain a “small” continuous bandwidth consuming process.

Speed limit isn’t meant for local connections by default. To limit them too, you need to enable “Limit Bandwidth In Lan” in the advanced settings.

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I don’t believe I did not see that checkbox before. Purring along at 50K now and not taking the whole house down with it.

Thank you!!!

Just for the record, what kind of WiFi router do you use? As long as it is a decent one, you should not really experience such problems…

I am saying this as someone who has used Syncthing exclusively on wireless networks, and I have never encountered issues like the whole network going down, etc.

However, if the router is, let us say “low quality”, then yes, it would be normal for it to have problems in high bandwidth situations.

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