Syncthing + Tailscale

I’ve just recently discovered Tailscale ( - a Wireguard-based VPN which is pretty cool, and I’m trying to see whether Syncthing will work with it.

My current Syncthing setup is pretty simple - only 2 devices, which I currently have setup to sync only over LAN (local discovery only). What I’m trying to do is get Syncthing to connect these devices over the internet via the Tailscale tunnel rather than directly over the internet “proper”, but I can’t seem to make it work.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Many VPN types are not well attuned to our multicast/broadcast based discovery. You may need to hardcode IP addresses.


I tried that but it also didn’t work, likely because I wasn’t doing it correctly. What’s the right way to do that?

Set a device address to tcp:// or whatever are the correct numbers.

That’s what I tried, but the devices weren’t connecting for some reason.

You should try to figure out what that reason is. It’s just packets as far as Syncthing is concerned.

When I add an IP address manually in settings, from the logs it is trying to connect but gives the error: “bind: can’t assign requested address”

Tailscale gives devices 100.x.x.x addresses, could that be the issue?

It sounds like you entered the address as the listen address, not the remote device address.

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Yep that was it - got it working now, thanks for your help!

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