Syncthing Synology out of sync

Hello, I am having issues, I believe I got all the permission in Synology correct, but I am still not able to get a folder to sync with another Syncthing.

Any help I am new to Syncthing, but it’s been a day or so working on this issue.

See other threads on the subject.

I have looked though all of them, and I guess I need it simplified, because I have all permissions selected to allow. Possibly naming the Folder path incorrectly, but I can figure out how to make sure that is correct.

In such cases, it’s not a issue of Syncthing.

To fix this again, I recommend resetting recursiv the Synology DSM-ACLs in this directory /volume1/Movies/ for all content with root:root, octal 0777 and then resetting the DSM-ACLs in the DSM file manager by inheriting them from the root directory /volume1/Movies/ back into the files and subdirectories. Then it should work again.

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