syncthing (synctrazor) not syncing 100%

question running syncthing with Synctrayzor installed on sync machine windows 10 , keep getting same issue on synctrayzor remote devices ( my OMV server ) says syncing 99% 350 MIB it never gets to 100 % please advise what is going on and how to fix . on server side remote device my PC says up to date

Is this effect from the start? Have you checked the “non-synchronized elements”? Did you test the activation of the “Ignore Permissions”? Do not be misled, because there is a reference to FAT file systems.

ok so I found the problem the following file is missing from both directories original and sync directory both syctrazor shows it out of sync I am unable to find this file is there a way to remove it from the sync files

entourage old\Thumbs.db 16.5 KiB 2011-08-20 23:05:39 DESKTOP

I had a similar issue recently (Non-existing files stuck on "Out of Sync Items") with a sync folder between Mac and Windows (also using synctrayzor). Not sure if it will solve your issue, but it’s worth a shot.


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