Syncthing / Syncthing-Fork on Github in Google Play Version

Since some month I’ve been downloading the Syncthing and Syncthing fork versions directly from Github. For the Syncthing-Fork, however, the last Google Play final versions are missing. On Google Play now still is stored. Will the current v1.18.0 be stored shortly on Github?

Syncthing v1.18.0 final was very fast available on Google-Play, if I want to install a RC it would be good, also to have the Github APK.

Sorry @Andy , but I’m not doing any gplay builds anymore because publishing them (getting them approved by Google) takes months of my time doing the appeals form over and over until I get one Google employee approving a new release. I’m currently putting v1.18.0 to GitHub ( Release Syncthing-Fork v1.18.0.0 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub ) and F-Droid.

Google Play just stays there as an appetizer.

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I don´t know, what is the most simple and fast way.

How does F-Droid decide when to publish a release? According to the build stats it picked up your v1.18.0 tag but it’s not considered as a released version yet.

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@bt90 Normally , they update their metadata of the build bots. some hours , days pass by, the build bots build it. After successful build, “a human signs the builds” and starts the “copy to fdroid” process. From this point, if all steps were successful, users see the new release.


Understood. As mentioned, I´m look for the most simple and fast way for everybody. Is possible, only to store on Github a compatible Google version?

Because it seems, also F-Droid needs effort and time. Even the regular Syncthing version on F-Droid still is v1.17.0, on Google is v1.18.0.

However, I have no problem with the Android APPs, so I will wait for the newest one.

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Yes, I’ll build and sign one when I have my next session about Syncthing.

i think, for open source projects, both google play and fdroid should be used only for long term releases, and always offer links to latest stable elsewhere.

There are no long term stable releases for syncthing.

perhaps there should be. :smirk:

Now there is a v1.18.0 for F-Droid. But for that I have to uninstall my Google Play version. How I doe that without losing settings?

Are your synced folders outside the app specific directory? e.g. on /storage/emulated/0/(yourfolder)

Then export , uninstall, reinstall , import should be ok without the need to rescan/resync everything. If you use the /Android/media/… paths , you’ll need gplay ver at minimum because it has the “keep synced user data when app is uninstalled” flag.

In any case: Please have a good backup of your data before attempting to switch.

Where is that option to choose. I use currently v1.17.0

I’ve tested this on Android 11 on the emulator. Android will pop up a dialog asking to preserve data when you uninstall the app.

Yes it does. Just tested it on my Pixel 3a.

BTW: Is there any difference in functionality between the Github and Play versions?

Play versions are limited in functionality by play policies.

Could you add a notice to the playstore listing? Directly linking to f-droid is probably a bad idea but the users should be informed that the gplay version is discontinued.

I’ve added a rating with comment. Google starts the whole app approval process again if I submit a new app description and mentioning “unmaintained” is a giveaway to make up a new reason to call me back to do their sh*** work tomorrow. Feel free to add a comment with useful tips as well, it would get upvoted over time so users see it :-).


Ok, I will take the Github version then.

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Was not in my case Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I exported before deinstallation and import after installation of Github version. It works … :+1:

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