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Would it possible to activate auto update in the Android (Smartphone) versions?



At first thought Google Play policy does not allow apps to bypass play store updates of binary code by downloading code directly. I also don’t know if F-Droid would accept such a mechanism.

Technically I’d say yes, auto update should be possible as long as Android allows to run the downloaded file - As far as I recall, restrictions were also introduced since API 23(?)+. Android requires instructions about native code shipping and extraction in the app manifest.

Besides any app store relevant things, it also won’t happen in syncthing-android because the app uses syncthing’s api - auto-upgrading that would be bad. Syncthing-android is released almost at the same time as Syncthing though.

Personally, I’d like to have an alternative app that would be just a wrapper over the Web GUI with no functionality other than maybe autostart on boot :wink:. This way there would be nothing to break and no incompatibilities between the app UI (as there would be none) and the Syncthing UI proper (which is the case now).

Of course, this wouldn’t be needed if Android itself provided a way to simply run custom binaries/scripts in the first place, but it does not, unfortunately (unless with root and/or when using ADB).

It would surprise me if an app could download and execute binaries not covered by the signing process. But many things about Android are surprising.

Are there any advantages using Syncthing-Fork over Syncthing for Android?

Thank you.

The fork’s got many additional features.

Please check

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