Syncthing syncs very slowly on Cubieboard2 ARM pc

Hi i have a Cubieboard2 ARM pc with an Allwinner A20 system on chip, but the syncing is very slowly (~1,7 mbytes/sec), while on SMB/samba, or on btsync it’s around 8 mbyte/sec. It seems it’s CPU limited as one core used at 100%.

Is it possible to disable the transfer encryption of syncthing? (i’m syncing only on local network, so it’s not needed) Do synthing have armhf release (arm cpu with hardware floating point support)?

Yeah, probably limited by the crypto. No, can’t be disabled.

There’s no precompiled HF version, but it wouldn’t make a difference - there are basically no floating point operations involved.

Ok, then syncthing is not what i’m looking for :frowning: