Syncthing synchronizes in order

Hi, I have a case: Server HOST is connnecting to CL1 and CL2, now I want HOST sends data to CL1 first (process1), after process1 is done, HOST will start to transfer data to CL2(process2). What can I do to synchronize in an order ?

You could pause the other client for large transfers but i’m not aware of an automatic solution for this.

Yeah I’m looking for solution to make this automatic

You can’t. Thats not how syncthing works.

Maybe you can cook up an external solution which checks the Event API (folder completion, device connect / disconnect come to mind) and issues pause / unpause requests through the REST API.

Not something inside the Syncthing code base though, as the decentralized structure is based on individual nodes pulling updates from any possible other node. There is (by design) no central authority to control who gets data transfers.

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