syncthing 是否支持“增量备份”功能 ‘Support for incremental backup functionality’

这几天一直在研究syncthing ,目前可以实现同步备份,但是我发现了一个问题,例如:我手机上删掉一张已经被同步的照片,服务器中也会把这个文件删掉,但是我不想那么做。 我想实现,服务器增量备份,例如:我把手机中的某一张照片删除后,服务端并不对这个文件做任何处理,只是一个简单的 照片备份功能。由衷的感谢 我的英文很烂 下面是机器翻译得来 I’ve been studying syncthing for a couple of days now, but I’ve found a problem, such as deleting a photo that’s been synchronized on my phone and deleting it from the server, but I don’t want to do that. I want to implement a server incremental backup, for example: When I delete one of the photos on my phone, the client does not do anything with the file, just a simple photo backup function. Heartfelt thanks My English sucks.

There is ignoreDeletes option in Settings->Advanced which might do what you want, but in general terms what you are trying to do is not what syncthing aims to solve.

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