syncthing stucks at 99%

I am running syncthing with server-client architecture and I use an Android device as the server. Now, While syncing with my other Android handset it stucks at 99%. What to do? I really like the syncTrayzor conflict resolver, Where can I find this feature to solve conflicts in Android devices?

The mobile app has a “Web UI” option under the hamburger menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper-left corner). Tap it to access Syncthing’s web interface just like on the desktop.

Chances are that it’s an issue with file permissions. Although both your Android server and Android handset are the same base OS, the hardware manufacturer might have tweaked some things. Do you have “Ignore Permissions” enabled on the handset?

how to have “Ignore Permissions” enabled on the handset?

  1. Access the web GUI via the hamburger menu.
  2. Tap the [Edit] button on the Syncthing folder to be changed.
  3. Tap the [Advanced] tab.
  4. Enable the checkbox for “Ignore Permissions”.

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