Syncthing Stuck on 0% when syncing my mobile device

Work environment Desktop OS: Windows 10 64 bit
PC version: Syncthing Browser UI
Mobile version: Synntching Android version 1.23.7
Mobile OS: Android 10 OS

What I did

  • Downloaded & Extracted Syntching to my computer
  • Installed Syncthing on my device
  • Both on PC & Mobile I created a folder for syncing. and added to those folders to syncthing
  • Added my mobile to synced device List on PC
  • Added my Desktop to my devices list on Android
  • Approved the Mobile device on my Desktop

What i expected

  • Folders between devices will start syncing files from one device to another

what actually happened.

  • a title saids “syncing” appears above the mobile device with the number “0” inside parenthesis
    and its stays on zero with no sign of progress

What I tried to do

Notes It was a few days ago so my describtion could include slight inaccuracies but overall, that was the process

Any idea how can I fix it?

Please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out panel in the app.

Problem Solved. I opened the web GUI and turned out there was I needed to approve one of the folders I had wanted to sync after that, things its started to sync the device and the folders as well.