syncthing stuck at 99%

Hello everyone,

I would like your input/guidance to a problem i am facing with syncthing.

Two weeks ago, i made a dyi server, lets call him no2, in order to backup my main server, lets call him no1.

I installed openmediavault o both servers and installed syncthing on both machines through docker for sync between these two servers. Both installations used the same docker-compose file, with the necessary modifications for each server.

Syncthing started working however it got stuck at 99% four days ago. Three days ago we had a power outage at my area and both servers shut down. I powered both back, syncthing read all the folders again but the synchronization got stuck again at 99%.

In order to completely synchronize both servers, i downloaded freefile sync, installed it on my mac and completed the rest 1% from there.

So, my questions are:

  1. What can possibly go wrong and syncthing got stuck at 99%? Maybe because the data to sync were too much (approx. 14TB)?
  2. Is there any troubleshooting i can do? Am i missing something?

I am attaching the log files from both servers

logs_server1.rtf (3.6 KB) logs_server2.rtf (30.3 KB)

I haven’t checked your logs but when the sync was at 99% completion how many and which files were not in sync? You can click where it says how many files are out of sync and see the list of files.

Because i could not find a solution, i downloaded another program, freefilesync, and done the synchronization.

Now, all folders on both servers have the same files EXCEPT the sync.ffs_lock files that were created on server2 from freefilesync program.

After the synchronization is completed, i rescanned all folders on both servers, however i still receive this 99% complete and syncthing still shows that 66.5GB of files are out of sync.

I made a test and created two test.txt files on server no1, in order to see if it will synchronize. Guess what, it synchronized almost immediately, which means that syncthing is working on both servers. Why then i receive this 99%?

Server1 has been set up to <> mode, server no2 has been set up in <> mode. I am thinking of uninstalling syncthing on server no2 and installing it again…

Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides? Please make sure to unfold information about the folder and devices in question.

Find the requested screenshots. The local additions you see on serverno2 are the files created from freefilesync. All folders have been checked and they contain the same files on both servers

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