Syncthing Stopped working Ubuntu

I am looking for a little assistance here. I have had syncthing up and running for a good while now, and it has been running great!! The past week, I cant access the web interface and ubuntu tells me that syncthing is not recognized.

I have purged and enabled/started syncthing with no resolution. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated!!!

OK, this is where I am sitting as of now! You can see its running, but it is not listening at all on 8384 or any other port for that matter.

Sorry to keep blowing up my own post!

I have put in a fix, and what was going on, was that syncthing was still listening via its OLD DHCP address and not the new one, and this is after several reboots and reloading the service…doesnt make since to me.

Looks like the GUI was configured to listen on a specific IP address, which was no longer there. Better set the listen address to :8384 so that it listens on whatever IP is available.

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