Syncthing stopped cooperating

I had to sync a couple of things between my PC and phone today and Syncthing just decided to stop working, giving me the “Error on folder/folder marker missing” error. Nothing changed and .stfolder is on my android. It’s not on my windows folder, and I can’t create one there due to an “Invalid file type” error from Windows 10.

So what do I do?

Hi, Be careful recreating the marker (data should be intact).

Open “cmd” command line prompt:

echo.> C:\Users\test\SyncFolder\.stfolder (Press Enter)

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Creating a file with only one dot at the beginning can be done in Windows Explorer by adding a dot at the end. The resulting file will not have that dot at the end. (Dont’ ask why that is ;)).

In current Version, it’s a folder, not a file (but I’m not sure if Syncthing really cares).

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Thanks, it worked. Thought now the .stfolder isn’t hidden anymore?

@wweich Good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

attrib (path)\.stfolder +s +h

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