syncthing stoped working "connection reset by peer"

Good afternoon. Today I found my syncthing stopped working. the attachment is the log. My English is so poor that I can’t analyse the log. It seems like “connection reset by peer” is the reason. Could you please help me to find the reason why synching stoped working. what should I do to use syncthing again?

Check the other side. It usually means the other side decided to hang up for some reason.

There is the other side’s log. According to the log,the other side also stoppde after automatic upgrade to v0.14.22.The restart after upgrade has failed. Also,“connection reset by peer” when restarted. the failed time is [23:58:41]. I want to know the [23:58:41] is which day. Could you tell me the “v0.14.22” released on which day?

I think this is issue 3970 which has been fixed in the hotfix release v0.14.23.

As far as I understand the update to 0.14.23 should happen automatically once you start Syncthing, doesn’t that happen for you?

I don’t think he restarted the service as it shut itself down after the upgrade.

Thanks for your reply. As the log said,syncthing failed to restart when it automatically upgrade to v0.14.22. This is a bug,and the bug has been fixed in v0.14.23???

What do you mean by “I don’t think he restarted the service as it shut itself down after the upgrade.”?

There was a bug, which as you can see from the changelog is now fixed.

Thanks,I will upgrade to v23 by myself.

It should just happen by starting syncthing again. Could you please test that?

Thanks,I will upgrade to v23 by myself.Maybe It is the best and fastest solution.

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