Syncthing still active after uninstall!

I have uninstalled Syncthing from my computer including deleting the config files. I have done search on Sync* sync* and there seems to be no files left with that name. I have rebooted my computer and now I notice constant attempts at contacting [also v6-3, v6-3, v4-4, etc]

What process would be doing this? Is this a rogue program? Is it related to my past use of Syncthing? More importantly how to permanently kill this?

I am running latest Debian.

Thanks for any help.

It’s hard to answer without knowing how Syncthing was installed, whether you’ve used a front-end wrapper, etc.

Oops, it was my problem. The calls came from a different computer (my dns server, in fact).

Uninstalling Syncthing from there fixed the problem.

Sincerely sorry for the false alarm and time wasting.

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