Syncthing slows down my network

Hello. In the last weeks, Syncthing has been slowing down my network while syncing. By slowing down I mean increasing ping from 4-7ms to about 1900ms across all devices on the network and thereby even making web browsing a horrible experience. But the syncing itself utilizes my whole bandwidth if available, so no problems in that sense. Pausing the devices that sync gets the network back to normal.

I’ve looked at the cpu usage in my network equipment while pausing and unpausing, CPU never gets above 13%. The machine running syncthing is connected by wire, so Wifi is out of the picture.

The environments on the other sides of the sync are not experiencing anything like this. And they run a similar syncthing setup as me.

What could be the issue here? What more can I investigate?

Poor quality network equipment or low bandwidth uplink is most likely the cause.

You can limit syncthings bandwidth

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