Syncthing site and services blocks some IPs?

I found that Syncthing site and its services is blocking IP addresses from to Is it true?

We have installed Syncthing on three computers. Synchronization works when all of three computers is in one local network. When one of computers connects over Internet, synchronization is not working. When we try to change our ISP (Yota Tver), synchronization works again. Service of Yota affirm that they is not blocking Syncthing.

Site from that IP’s is not available too. Pings performs correctly.

It seems like Syncthing blocks queries from IP addresses from to

Certainly not intentionally. The main web site is behind Cloudflare so I can’t exactly guarantee there is no funny business, but I don’t think they do any hard IP blocks. The other services (discovery servers etc) are in various places in the world and without any access lists or firewalls at all. Connections between devices themselves do not pass any kind of filter or policy we could enforce. I would be more inclined to suspect an outgoing policy of some kind at Yota.

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