Syncthing shows way bigger folder size but syncing files correctly.

Hi. I discovered this amazing tool a while ago and it’s pretty amazing. I use it to mainly keep my music folder synced between my desktop pc, my laptop and my phone. It works perfectly except for one mere graphical bug.

I Initially set up the folder on my phone incorrectly making it send only, whilke I needed it to send AND receive. When I deleted the folder from Syncthing (because it wouldn’t let me modify the transfer modes) and added it again, it displayed double the folder size while actually syncing the whole folder without duplicate leaving the sync percentage at 50%. After deleting the folder and setting it up again the folder size increased again while still maintaining the same files. It’s not bothring me that much because it’s just a graphical issue but if there’s a fix I will certainly appreciate any help.

I use a Samusung Galaxy S22 with Android 14.

Thank you in advance.

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Same issue here. LG V30 on Android 9

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