Syncthing setup under Proxmox

I would like to use Syncthing under Proxmox. However, there are many different deployment scenarios here and since I’m new to Proxmox, I’m not sure which method to choose.

I am aware of the general differences between VMs and LXCs. The higher security of VMs is not important to me in this case, as Syncthing will be run exclusively on the local network.

1. Turnkey Syncthing LXC

All-in-one package which is probably the fastest to install. But unfortunately only Debian 10 and Syncthing is included in old version 1.15.1. It is not clear to me if you can update Syncthing manually or if you have to wait for a new template. Regardless, I tend not to use this option.

2. Install Ubuntu or Debian LXC and Syncthing manually

More flexible than first option and I can use the latest versions without problems. But there is more administration overhead.

3. Ubuntu VM with Docker

Sooner or later I want to move my Docker environment from Raspberry to Proxmox anyway. This option would have the advantage that only one OS needs to be kept up to date and the Docker containers can then be updated manually. More convenient than option 2, since only one OS is used for multiple applications. Also the Docker container is maintained directly by Syncthing: Docker Hub

4. Home Assistant Syncthing Addon

As far as I know this method is a Docker container inside Home Assistant OS. Since I use Home Assistant anyway, possibly a good option. Updates don’t come as fast and frequent as option 3 though. Also the disadvantage is that if the Home Assistant VM is down Syncthing is down, too.

Overall, I pref option 3. Have I missed anything or what do you guys think?


You could also install Syncthing directly on the host. I’m also fan of using containers/VMs but Syncthing is a single binary and you don’t get a real benefit from the additional layer in this case.

Well, apart from the sandboxing it brings. Even a compromised Syncthing shouldn’t be able to access files other than those explicitly made available as volumes to the container, for example.

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