SyncThing Service on encrypted drive

Hello, I have the following setup:

Client: Mac Mini with Syncthing Server: Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop with Syncthing

My goal is to run Syncthing as a service on the server, so that it starts automatically after startup without user login. With that my client would automatically sync its files to the server as soon as its started.

I installed Syncthing on both machines and it runs well. I also managed to start Syncthing as a service on the ubuntu box.

The only problem I have is the following: The folder path for Syncthing on ubuntu is on a encrypted disk. When I login and start Syncthing manually this is no problem, but when Syncthing starts after reboot as a service it gets an error “path not found”

How can I access the folder on the encrypted disk during system startup (or better without user login)? Or is there another solution?

Thanks for your help Jürgen

This doesn’t look like a syncthing question, but more of a ubuntu question.

I am not sure you’ll get the answer here, and suggest you ask on the ubuntu forums.

Okay, I can do that.

I just thought that somebody here has a similar setup, running Syncthing on a server for backup purposes.


Not an Ubuntu user, but I have the same situation in Windows with BitLocker. You need to figure out how to unlock the drive before user log on. In Windows, this can be done by using the Task Scheduler to input the recovery key in the command prompt. I would assume that something similar should be possible to achieve in your system.

Thanks for your hint. I found the solution:

In the “Disks” application one can edit the “Encryption Options” and set the drive to “unlock at system startup”.

BR Jürgen

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