Syncthing "Server" move to new machine


I’ve had OS corruption on the Server I use to share files using syncthing to many clients. As a result I’ll need to scrap and reinstall (ubuntu server 14.04).

My backups are good and all of the folder paths will be the same, so I’m hoping to just copy back my .config folder before running synching for the first time, I but first wanted to check if anything else is required?

I’d hate to have to redo the entire setup :wink:

Thanks in advance for your assistance/advice


This should work fine. Just make sure the paths are correct because you could potentially have syncthing look in the wrong place otherwise which would look like they were deleted.

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The shared folders are all on external drives so I’ll be careful to set the same mount points …

Thanks a lot for your help. :smile:

If you plan to keep the database, but replace the data with your backup make sure there were no changes to your repos between backup and corruption or you’ll have data loss. For example, say you created a file after your last backup, syncthing did what it does and then you have a crash-> replace your folder structure with your backup-> Syncthing sees the new file disappearing and deletes it from your other node.

Workaround would be to start an up-to-date machine in master mode and wait until everything is in sync. Then turn off master mode.


Good point! I didn’t read the original post that way.

It is always better to be safe but if you are restoring the config from backup it is unlikely to have newer info than the file system.

Edit: but not impossible depending on your backup procedure.

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Hi again,

I just wanted to update this thread to say the move went off without a hitch.

Thanks again for your help!

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