Syncthing "Server 1" web gui disconnected during first time synchronization, yet still running. help!

Server 1 - Send only mode - was busy syncing for the first time terrabytes of data to Server 2.

Connected locally.

Server 1 web gui lost connection at some point, i refreshed the page and does not resolve anymore. It says “Unable to connect”

Server 2 web gui is still working and did not disconnect. Global State and Local State is still counting.

I tried restarting syncthing on Server 1 but web gui still doesnt work.

I tried killing the process with sudo kill -9 pid on Server 1. It gets killed and immediately after gets a new pid. Process unable to be killed and restarted.

Servers have not been restarted yet.

I have not attempted to kill syncthing on Server 2 as yet. Please help!! is this normal? is this still really syncing in the background??

Why is there no more gui on server 1? Why did the gui stop working or get disconnected, yet Server 2 is still counting local and global states? Version Information Syncthing Version: v0.14.23

OS Version: Ubuntu 16.04

Browser Version: Firefox 51.0.1

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