Syncthing send speed limited to 100Mbit?

Is syncthing limited to sending 12 megabytes per second (100 megabits)?

On our test cluster we have a rack of test machines with 10 gigabit optical cards and ssd drives. Using our distributed scripts with rsync we can easily saturate the network at 1.125GBytes/sec.

When I setup Syncthing, I noticed that a single host would limit its send speed to 12 megabytes per second; basically 100 megabit. I have maxSendKbps=0 in the config.xml file.

Ideally, I would like to allow syncthing unlimited send and receive speeds.

I would be happy to stress test syncthing with our optical networks if you could provide the patch or even the instructions to modify the source code for unlimited speeds.

There should be no artificial limit set to 100 Mbps. I would guess that about 100 Mbps might be the speed at which the TLS stack can encrypt data on your CPU.

Can i turn encryption of for lan network?

No, as encryption keys are used for device ID’s, you can try implementing a null cipher but that requires patching go. There is another thread somewhere in the forums which explains how to do it, if you feel adventurous.