"Syncthing seems to be down..." when Interface is fine but run remotely

Syncthing seems to be down, or there is a problem with your Internet connection. Retrying…

This little pop-up seems to be appearing too frequently (every 15 seconds or so) on the GUI even though everything is working fine. I’m guessing it’s some timeout issue, the web interface is running over a VPN connection on a VPS ~180-200ms away, with a set MTU of 1472

How would I go about increasing the timeout values for the GUI updates

Doesn’t seem to be an issue in chromium, only Firefox? hmm

I can confirm that I have a similar problem when connecting to my work network (where I have installed Syncthing) over VPN and I use Chrome. Quite annoying the message when I know for sure that everything is fine.

Funny anyway to see this when I just came to post about this little glitch (for me is not really a problem. Refreshing the page in the browser works again for a moment).


Maybe you guys can get together and narrow down what the actual failure is.

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