syncthing scanning extremely slow

Hi, so I am syncing project files across me and two other people’s computers, and I recently added a 30 GB file to the syncthing. It has been scanning for 10 minutes and I have only gotten to two percent. Windows shows that my CPU is only being used 26 percent and the external SSD at only 3%. How can I speed up this process? System: Intel Core i5 8529U, Samsung T5 external SSD, Windows 10 Pro. First I tried this on a 2014 iMac(baseline specs) and it said it would take ~ > 1 month to scan so I moved to this computer, where the estimated scan time jumps between 6 hours and 10 days. I need to use this computer for school and I will probably have to upload bigger files at some point, so can someone please help me speed up the scan time? It doesnt seem bottlenecked… Thank you in advance for helping me~

@Homura, welcome to Syncthing!

Which version are you using? Did you change any advanced settings?

I am using the newest version and did not change any settings.

Some screenshots of the Syncthing UI would probably help. Is the external SSD actually working at its intended speed? I do not know much about Macs, but can you run some kind of an I/O benchmark to test the drive? How fast is the network connection itself?

With external drives the usb controller is a possible cause for trouble. You could check what speed you get by directly copying some large file from the computer to the external SSD.

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