syncthing says "up to date" but two clients without changes (kdbx)

Hello all,

please help me out here troubleshooting this issue.

I have one Windows PC on which I made the change in keepass2 kdbx entry and:

  • one Linux PC that does not receive the change, though “up to date”
  • one Android smartphone that does not receive the change, though “up to date”, too

This is not the intended behaviour, right?!

Thanx all!

Best regards


P. S. the intended behaviour is keeping all keepass2 passwords in sync on those three machines!

Did you rescan the folder? Are there any visible errors in the GUI? On Android you can also check the “Web GUI” via app menu

I rescanned all folders, they are up to date: but do not appear updated on the client, even on the web interface on Android!

I say it is a syncthing bug, but the developers say I should ask in here… Any error logs I can inspect?

One more thing: on the Linux PC I authenticated the windows PC and the Android smartphone. But on the Android smartphone there was no authentication pop up!

Double check you did save and lock the db on the windows pc (afaik most keepass clients lock the db on disk when it is opened), then scan in Syncthing on windows.

Also now you are talking about devices authenticating each other. I assumed you do have a Syncthing folder properly shared between all devices. If that is not the case, please explain that problem separately and post screenshots.

Not that this was making any difference: Both Linux and Android do not get the updated file!

I have opened the kdbx and scanned on windows: to no avail!

I am talking about devices authenticating each other, b/c the Android smartphone did not do so: do you know your apps intended behaviour?!

And you assume right: there is a shared folder with the kdbx file in it on all devices!

Now that you mentioned it: maybe I don’t. Have fun debugging this - I wish you the best of luck :wink:

that is funny: leave the user out in the rain…

If you used the right tact to communicate, we’d be happy to help. So far all of your messages are confrontational ending with an exclamation marks, as if the maintainers are committing a crime and should be sorry for something.

Sorry, but we do this out of good will, and we don’t get paid to deal with toxic behaviour.

Perhaps a paid for product is better suited for you, so you can still lash out at people and expect people to still help you.


if it is toxic to write an exclamation mark, then I am staggered.

“Sorry, but we do this out of good will”: Do you think bug reporting earns me any money? And I mean what I say: I have reported a bug - no pointing this way or that way intended…

please create (or copy) a new file into the folder, rescan and see if it is synced to all devices. If not, you need to check your setup and make sure all devices are properly connected in Syncthing

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You reported a bug, which I don’t think is a bug, so if anything, we both wasted time here.

thank you!

I don’t think so. At least the official application for sure doesn’t :wink:.

In fact, at least from my knowledge, it has been programmed specifically not to lock the database files, so that they can be updated in between. Only on save does KeePass actually access and synchronise its state with the files on the disk.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem here is unrelated to KeePass actually, unless the OP is using some kind of a 3rd party client that behaves differently.



Syncing KeePass files with Syncthing is easy while KeePass has the file open.

KeePass even has an inbuild feature to resolve conflicts, if the file on disk changed while it was open in memory! It’s like they were made for each other :slight_smile:

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yes, plain keepass2 here.

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