Syncthing running on USB Device?

Hello, I registered just to ask this question. Hopefully you are so kind to reply.

My use case:

I run an Xbox with retroarch on it. Basically I want to sync my save games from Xbox to other devices.

My idea:

Using a raspberry pi zero w, with using a USB Addon to make it plug able. Then I would like to make a general mass storage out of it so it is basically just a general USB stick with syncthing doing its job in storage offering the files to the connected Xbox.

Is that generally possible?

Not directly. With g_mass_storage you can only provide an Image File to your XBOX (Block Device) where it then will format an Filesystem (like NTFS) on it and mount it. You cant provide an existing “Folder” from Syncthing.

What you can do:

  • Sync that ImageFile with FS and your Save Games across your devices, but then all of your other devices needs to mount it as well… Of course you cant write on the same image on multiple devices at once (Syncthing will generate Conflicts)

  • Build something to generate this Image File on the Raspi from your Syncthing Folder and then provide it to the XBOX. If you write something on it, your Automation needs to detect that, unmount it from the XBOX, mount it locally (read only) and sync it back to your local Syncthing Folder and vice versa… Thats very hacky, and it will always disconnect it from the XBOX…

I wouldnt do it… better check if you are able to Mount an CIFS/Samba Volume to your xbox. There you can directly provide the Syncthing Folder to it

Hello and thank you for your answer.

In the end, within retroarch is no way to map a network share.

That is the main reason I am looking for an automated solution

So I’ll give up on my idea…