Syncthing running conhost.exe making random beeping sounds



i am running Syncthing for a long time already. And i love it.

I just noticed something: I had the problem for quite some time already, but now i pinpointed it: My computer started making random beeping sounds (Windows Foreground.wav).

I found out already some time ago that it was caused by a program called Console Window Host AKA conhost.exe, but i still could not identify its exact source.

But today i nailed it:

syncthing.exe spawned a conhost.exe and that one is making the randomly delayed beeping sounds.

It was driving me nuts!!

Can anyone tell what is happening here?

I run syncthing with this parameter: "C:\Program Files\Syncthing\syncthing.exe" -no-console

I will try to run it with the normal console, to see if i can find anything there when it starts beeping again.

Is there any way to see the console output of syncthing when using -no-console in windows?

p.s. using version 1.0.0, but also happened with older versions already.

Greetings Fred;

(Jakob Borg) #2

Yeah, Actions -> Logs in the GUI. There’s nothing intentionally causing beeps, that’s for sure. Maybe the Windows console reacts oddly to some special character present in some filename…

(Antony Male) #3

It will beep if you send it \7

(Jakob Borg) #4

Which is an invalid character on Windows so sync would fail and the filename would get printed to the console, yeah.

I didn’t know/expect Windows to be that TTY-compliant…

(Antony Male) #5

Aside: They’ve been doing a large rework of ConPTY, see here.

(Jakob Borg) #6

We should probably strip control characters from the log output.

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