Syncthing running as a windows service, config file location?

I have been using Syncthing running as a windows service using NSSM so it runs without logging in for awhile now but would like to switch to Synctrayzor but I have found that Synctrayzor keeps starting its own instance and is not getting the folders or devices from my original configuration. I have found the Config file that Synctrayzor is using but I have been unable to locate the one that my service is using.
Any suggestions as to where that might be so I can copy to Synctrayzor? Or how best to port my original setup to Synctrayzor

Depends on how you set up NSSM. It will be in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder for whatever user NSSM was running Syncthing as.

This was my assumption too but the files are not there. I setup a user “syncthing” just for Syncthing so I could secure the file access. when I query nssm I confirmed I am running as LOCAL\syncthing “syncthing” being the user name but when I checked that users APPDATA folder there is no syncthing files at all. PS this is running on a server 2012 platform hence it is just appdata for me.

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