Syncthing restarts after sleep mode and rescans. Disable?

Hey folks,

I have Syncthing installed on a windows computer with autostart on boot configured .

Every time after waking up the computer from standby mode Syncthing restarts (according to the runtime which resets) and rescans again.

Since I have a big folder, which I don’t want to have rescanned every time (because it’s consuming much CPU and battery) now I’m searching for a way to disable the inital rescan or to disable the restart after the sleep mode?

Any ideas?


If nothing has changed inside that folder, scanning should only take a few seconds with not much CPU usage.

You can disable the restart by unchecking the advanced setting restartOnWakeup in the “Options” group.

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That was fast! Thanks.

Is there any reason for the restart? Or any disadvantage when not doing it?

In almost all cases, after a wake up all network connection have to be reset. Also, Syncthing cannot be sure that nothing has changed inside the folder, as it only knows “I was frozen for … minutes” (it detects that all of the sudden, the clock jumped). That (and maybe something else I don’t think of currently) is why the cleanest solution is to just restart.

In the current version, there should be no real disadvantage (I think). You should try if Syncthing still works after a long sleep without this setting.

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