Syncthing Readonly access on Storage

Hello! I have been trying to use Syncthing in order to synchronize files between my Android 12 phone and my Linux PCs but the folder type on my phone is locked to “Send Only” and when I try to change it the app says “Your Android version only grants Syncthing readonly access to the selected folder.” The thing is, this is literally a folder that Syncthing itself created and populated, so I have a hard time believing that Syncthing now can’t edit this folder. Furthermore, my phone does not have an SD card so this bug isn’t being caused by any sort of external storage issue like what I was reading online. Can anyone help me with this?

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I have the same issue on Samsung S23 Ultra/Android 14. The folder on the S23 is created as a subfolder inside /storage/emulated/0/ as Send/receive by the initial sync from another Android Device (Samsung Tab S6/Android 12). After the first sync the folder on the S23 is suddenly changed to Send Only and tells me that my Android version only grants Syncthing readonly access. On the TabS6 side it works fine.

Edit: I just noticed that the webgui on android still shows Send/Receive and it seems to work fine.

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I believe I have the same problem as OP. There seems to be a bug in the non-web part of the application. Workaround: go into the web view you can change the Folder Type. That change will then show in that non-web ui.

I am running Syncthing v1.27.2 on Android 14.

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I just ran into this too on a Samsung A54 5G running Android 14. A folder was unexpectedly changed to “Send Only” and showed “Your Android version only grants Syncthing readonly access to the selected folder.” Changing it in the Web GUI back to Send/Receive fixed it.

It smells kinda like a permission request fails once and the app assumes the worst…?

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