Syncthing random turn off

Hi I use syncthing on Alcatel c1 and it is randomly turning off.

Maybe the phone is out of memory?

RAM or storage

Does Syncthing completely shut down or pauses?

The Alcatel C1 (if it’s the 2019) model, has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal flash storage plus a microSDHC slot.

Although it runs the leaner “Android Go” edition, apps can easily eat thru the memory left over after Android loads. Use a phone info app to check memory usage while Syncthing is running.

Same goes for the flash storage. Syncthing needs space for its configuration file and database (they’re usually not big, but still needs free space).

One other thing to keep an eye on is when syncing large files. Let’s assume that your phone has a 1 GB video file named “video.mp4”. While Syncthing is syncing a newer version, it writes to a temporary file, so it means that there needs to be enough free storage space to hold the entire temporary file.

It is 2019 model. It is not storage it has 3.7gb free for it is using from 611mb to 631mb. I’ll try to dsable more apps.

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