Hi there. I’m running Syncthing on my Orange PI (Armbian), also there is a USB-SATA connector with SSD. Couple days ago I installed qBittorrent to download and share Linux images. I pointed it to the same folder as Syncthing use, but after all images were downloaded by torrent, Syncthing deleted all of them. So my old iso images are on their place and new images were deleted by Syncthing. I tried 2 time but result is the same. Any ideas why Syncthing deleted these files?

Thanks in advance.

How do you know it’s syncthing that deleted the files?

What folder configuration are you using on all peers?

I’m not sure who did that so I’m here. From my perspective there are 3 ways, manual deletion, qBittorrent and Syncthing. I did not delete these files. Also there is no such config inside qBittorrent for automatic deletion or something like that. So we have Syncthing at the end…

Schema: There are 2 peers, PC and OrangePi in one LAN. PC folder’s type - sent only OrangePi folder’s type - sent and receive

I downloaded images via torrent on OrangePi, Syncthing made a rescan and a red “override changes” button appeared in Syncthing installed on PC. I pressed it and left my devices for 12h. Everything as usual. Now we can see “Latest Change Deleted ubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso” on OrangePI Syncthing instance.

So I don’t understand why it act like that.

Override changes doesn’t mean that you override local changes. You override changes on remote devices, meaning that the folder on them becomes identical to the local one. That’s why the files get deleted when you press the button.

It sounds like to you should set the folder on the PC to the default Send & Receive.

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Also, suggest you go through the docs. Diving into new software and pressing big red buttons without understanding what they do seems dangerous.


wow! Now I see how it goes. But how can I configure Syncthing to act in opposite way? I’d like to press big_red_button and override local changes. Is it possible?

Like a manual synchronization.

That’s what happens when you set the folder to Receive Only. Of course, if you do that, then no local changes will ever be sent to remote devices (unless you decide to change the folder type later again to Send & Receive or Send Only).

However, judging by the original post, it seems that you would like to press a button on the PC in order to only then download the files from the OrangePi. Syncthing doesn’t support this kind of manual synchronisation though. You could kind of simulate it either by setting the folder on the PC to Send Only, and then changing the type to Send & Receive or Receive Only when needed, or simply keeping it paused and unpausing only when necessary. Alternatively, ignore patterns can also be used as a method to trigger manual or temporary synchronisation.

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Looks like that’s only possible way for me. Thank you for help!!!

IF you want this manual step because you only want to sync completed downloads, you’re probably better off telling the torrent client to download into some “incomplete” directory or under some temporary name, and move the files into the shared folder when they’re complete.


Good idea. But I use Syncthing not only for iso images so I’ll try to pause it and resume for some time.

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