Syncthing Periodic #2

v0.11.25, temporary indexes, discovery protocol rewrite.

A little better sound this time, though weird lighting. Video is hard.


That’s the shit! Thanks for improving the audio!

Sounds like my bitching about unencrypted discovery queries on github some time ago actually worked. :smiley: I’m really happy to hear about the different improvements regarding discovery!

One tiny thing: for me it was easy to follow, but I’m a rather technical person. So maybe you could try to explain some things in a bit more detail. For example you only said v4 and v6 for IPv4 and IPv6. Of course one has to have some knowledge how software & networks in general and syncthing in particular works to understand all of it. But maybe this helps some users to understand more of the details.

Nice house btw :wink:

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thanks much Jakob!! :wink: nice to know my doubts at the right person :smile:

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I’m excited for Audrius’s temporary indexes to land! Are you planning to integrate them alongside the current block transfer system, or do you plan to replace the current system entirely?

And the improvements to the discovery protocol will bring Syncthing closer to being able to replace Dropbox for “non-technical” users.

It will be part of the same system.

(No new talk this week as I have a cold and don’t feel super inspired… Been hacking a bit on the documentation and specs instead.)

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Get well soon!

more talks please :smile:


Hi ladies and gents,

First post here. Thank you all for this great piece of software!