Syncthing Periodic #1

This is me talking about Syncthing and stuff for about ten minutes. It may become a regular thing if there’s interest.

In this episode: introduction to the concept, the latest v0.11 release and troublesome default values, v0.12 connection relaying.


Just awesome.

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Thumbs up! :smiley:

Nice summary of what’s going on both in regards of tweaking and bugfixing 0.11.x and what to expect in the upcoming 0.12 release.

I’d love to hear more about delta and temporary indexes!

Also, the title of the video is the most “computer programmer” title ever :wink:

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Pretty cool, although I personally prefer blog posts.

Anyway, you should get a better mic if you’re gonna make new videos. There’s some serious noise in this one.

Ironically, I much prefer reading a blog to watching a video, too. But I can’t write them. I’ve tried and I get stuck in an infinite process of editing, adding references, anticipating counter arguments that need addressing, and so on and it never gets published. This lets me ramble incoherently about a subject for a while and there isn’t much I can do to alter it after the fact. :smile:

I’ll look into the sound though for next time; this was basically my first attempt at halfway serious video recording.


Awesome :slight_smile: please more

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So you did some standup comedy before? :smiley:

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Congrats and thank you for everything you are doing. And props to Audrius as well. It’s very interesting to follow the great team work in the pull request discussions.

I look forward to the next video :slight_smile:

That’s really really neat! Now I can get updated on Syncthing development without having to comb trough the milestones and pull requests. :smiley: Even better: I can do so on the train on my cellphone and there’s much more information about the “story”, usecases and possible ETAs than on Github.

I’d absolutely love to see this become a regular thing!

Two notes: as has already been said a mic with a better SNR would be nice and maaaaybe you could do this as a two-person talkshow? If Audrius has time and doesn’t mind becoming a youtube star of course :wink:

I like the style of the Security Now podcast where the second host is visible on a screen in the background, so you can have actual conversations. This way each of you could explain their PRs or correct little mistakes the other may make or add ideas you have on the spur of the moment.


Yeah, that’d be neat. :slight_smile:

He doesn’t mind, though I bet people would watch the video with hate, as it’s the guy who closes their issues/feature requests because he doesn’t like it or just because he got out of bed on the wrong foot.


And yet: cuddly bear avatar.

Yeah, I know mr. Oizo

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Haha, well as far as I’m concerned all closed issues/requests were either duplicates, spam or technically worse than what is already beeing done or planned. And btw: all good shows have an evil adversary, without him there can’t be any heroes :wink:

But in all seriousness: I’d love to see/hear input from both of you!

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It’s actually Flat Eric, Mr. Oizo is the musician who used Flat Eric in his videos.

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[Actual footage of @AudriusButkevicius programming Syncthing] (


After I watched the video I can imagine he is saying to his kid in the supermarket “No, this is not going to be merged in the basket.” :smiley:

Thx for your effort in making a great tool and directing a great team to the right direction!