syncthing pauses between files on 2 unraid boxes

Hi, been a syncthing user so far for several months and haven’t been able to figure this out yet. I have syncthing running on two unraid boxes. Sync between them is full speed when it’s transferring. However, between each file transfer is a long LONG wait period, sometimes 10-20 seconds, but often a minute or two. Then it starts to transfer files again.

Syncthing 1.15.1 linux currently on both boxes running in docker, both on gigabit LAN, both machines are overpowered with lots of ram.

I’m in the middle of a 3 TB Sync and it’s so far taken 2 days. What can I do to speed this up??

It fsyncs every file, which I guess might be very slow on your os/devices?

what can cause it to be so slow, and is it likely to be slow in the send side or receive side? Is it driven by read/write speed of the storage disk, or where the DB is stored for syncthing?

This would be pauses on the receiving side. There is a flag in advanced configuration of the folder to disable fsync, but that can lead to data corruption, so I don’t recommend using it. I am suggesting it purely to identify if that is the cause.

yeah I won’t disable that - don’t want corruption! thanks for the answer now I know where to look… cheers

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