Syncthing Panic - fatal error: newosproc runtime: failed to create new OS thread

This has been going on for about 3 weeks now and its incredibly frustrating.

Here are the errors

runtime: may need to increase max user processes (ulimit -u) fatal error: newosproc runtime: failed to create new OS thread (have 15 already; errno=11)

This is running on a linux seedbox. Any help would be appreciated.

It asks you to raise ulimits, you can google around how to raise them.

Yeah, you need to be able to create more threads than that.

Fyi here is the info I got back from Whatbox

Sorry for the lack of response. I have been looking into this. A recent syncthing update has changed how it scans for and monitors files, and has resulted in syncthing creating hundreds upon hundreds of threads, and eventually it reaches a system limit for how many threads a user can have active, and it panics and exits. We’re working to figure out why it’s doing this so we can hopefully offer a patch to its developer, but in the meantime what we have done is to start offering syncthing on the servers by default, and we will be ensuring it stays at a previous version until the issues get sorted out. If you start syncthing with the command “syncthing” (or /usr/bin/syncthing) instead of your usual command (~/syncthing/syncthing etc) it should work for you. Currently this lower version has been running on your slot stably for the past several hours, but please let me know if you begin to have continued issues.

That sounds surprising, but if they can reproduce we can probably fix.

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