Syncthing " panic: Can't unmarshal stored mtime at path" crashes syncthing

I have syncthing working on a Freenes (freebsd) plugin. Overtime i hooked up a windows machine to the syncthing network and it runs happy until a few houres later i noticed syncthing was offline on the freenas server. I looked at the panic log and saw this error message

Panic at 2015-09-15T09:04:51+02:00 panic: Can’t unmarshal stored mtime at path /path to the windows directory which contains mp3/

and then a bunch of errors codes (see link for all the codes

To see if it is not the plugin which is faulty i made a new jail with plain freebsd, installed the freebsd 64bit of syncthing and hooked up the same directory. And also this one crashed with similar error. I also tried the same with the linux version and also i get the same panic warnings.

Any solution other then not sync the directory ?

Can you please open a issue on github, and please provide the full log not excerpts which have information missing.


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