Syncthing over OpenVPN

Has anyone setup Syncthing to work over OpenVPN?


Could you offer any guidelines as to how you got that working? I have syncthing on a machine running debian with OpenVPN. I think what I want to do is have openvpn allow syncthing to communicate over the normal internet connection rather than try and get ports working through the VPN. This is probably more an OpenVPN question rather than a syncthing question but I’d appreciate any pointers in the right direction if this is how you did it.

It is more of an OpenVPN question, yes. Syncthing just connects to things, much like anything else. The one relevant difference will be that the discovery methods most likely won’t work over the VPN, so you’ll need to connect to nodes based on internal IP or DNS name or something.

If you don’t want Syncthing connections to go over OpenVPN, you need to set up your VPN so that connections to the relevant IP:s are not routed over the VPN.

Hi but how to get the discovery methods to work as the server is local it should work but it doesn’t?

There is probably trickiness there, depending on your topology and where you run a discovery server and so on.

In an internal setup like this, I’d suggest using IP or DNS complemented with the normal discovery. For example, if a device is sometimes on the internet, sometimes on a known VPN address, sometimes on an AD controller dynamic DNS, you could enter something like dynamic,, as device address to get Syncthing to try the alternatives in order.

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