Syncthing Over Ethernet Cable

Lost internet at home for some time will be over a 2 weeks before I get it back, so I’ve wired my desktop and laptop together using an eithernet cable I am trying to get the data to sync to my desktop using syncthing like I usually would but without wifi it’s not detecting the otehr device on either. Hoping to get this working soon as Ined to replace my laptop’s failing hard drive and transfering everything using a 16gb flash drive would be tedious, I know the cable works since I can use nomachine over it to control my laptop from my desktop

That should pretty much just work, as long as local discovery is enabled and firewalls open.

Ok, so I turned on discovery and disabled my firewall temporarily and it’s now syncing, so it is a firewall issue, so I should just have to follow the directions on the syncthing documetnation to open the firewall properly right? the fact i’m using synctrazor isn’t going to cause issues with that will it?

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