Syncthing onyway backup folder

Hey there, I was looking for a backup solution in syncthing and as feature-rich it is I did manage to make it work.

However, there needs to be a backup folder as there is in resilio. Where if you select that option the sync will happen one way and deletes on the main device will be ignored.

To achieve this in syncthing, one has to add IgnoreDelets and the android app is not very friendly when it comes to input patterns I had to switch to web GUI on the android app for a better experience.

With all the things syncthing can achieve, I can’t believe there is no straightforward way to backup a folder.

I have moved on to resilio as that was what I needed, hope to see this in the future.


Syncthing is not a backup application, its a sync application, we’d like to remove ignore deletes as it doesn’t fit well with our model.


Hmmm. I would tend to agree to stick with the Syncthing model. However, @prantikv made a valid point as this is a common issue at least for businesses. Is there a way to set up a device in a way that it just takes changes from others but itself is unable to send. I’m wondering whether the built-in versioning could be used by taking snapshots of .stversions e. g. on a daily basis and save those away befor cleaning up .stversions. Thoughts?

It’s not really a valid point as Syncthing is not a backup solution, it’s a sync solution. If you want a backup system then you really must look at one of those instead - .stverions is a terrible replacement for a backup because of how it works; there’s no way of saying “here is all of the data, and metadata at x point in time, from device y” to effect a restore. Anyone trying to use it as a backup is going to find the hard way that they’ve chosen a very bad way to backup their data.

pfff… nobody was suggesting that we use Syncthing as a BACKUP solution. I’ve been discussing a pure archiving approach. Maybe I should have been more precise.