Syncthing only workds with vpn

Well basically, I have to be connected to a vpn on both my windwos and android device for syncthing to sync, funny part is the vpns are connected to different servers, and the syncing speed is slow af (25 kb - 100 kb), Im guessing its a local network problem but not sure what…

here’s what I’ve tried:

  • reinstall synchthing on both devices

  • reset network on both devices

and heres the log files if it helps:

It looks like there’s a DNS lookup issue on your Windows PC when the VPN isn’t up:

[SDDD3] 2023/07/23 02:24:40 INFO: Couldn't fetch release information: Get "": dial tcp: lookup no such host

Your VPN connection is passing thru a CGNAT (Carrier-grade NAT), increasing the odds that Syncthing has o use a Syncthing relay. Combined with overhead from the VPN, and depending on the number of network hops, could be quite slow:

[SDDD3] 2023/07/23 02:31:23 INFO: Established secure connection to UY4LEYP at

There could be a number of reasons for the DNS issue in Windows, but there’s not enough info (e.g., LAN setup, VPN software and provider, screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI, etc.) to narrow things down.

Some common things to check:

  • If using DHCP, try renewing the lease.
  • Check the Windows network proxy settings.
  • Shut down the VPN – making sure that it’s really off by checking the network connection settings in Windows – and repeat any tests. Even better, temporarily uninstall the VPN software.

oh wow dude youre a legend, Thanks for the help! <3