syncthing on two locations

Hello, I have two locations (distance 300 km) and I want to install on both a banana Pi R1 as small file server with syncthing. I have a notebook with me and a stationary PC on both locations. All of them should sync with the local banana Pi R1 but the notebook should sync with BOTH of them and if possible the two bananas should sync with each other in addition. In the end all PCs and the notebook as well as the two bananas should be in sync. Is this possible? and how have I do set it up? One banana Pi R1 is already running on one location - now I want to add the second. Thanks in advance Peter

Read the docs, the docs clearly explain how to add remote devices and share folders with them.

Thanks for the fast response - maybe it’s a misunderstanding from my side and it’s very easy in fact. In the docs I found how the sharing works between “single” PCs. My problem (in mind) is that I have two “servers”. On the PCs and the notebook I have only the banana Pi R1^to share the folders. On the banana I have the PCs and the notebook to share with. So the banana is the “center-point”. Now I want to add a second “center-point” which should be set up the same way. According to the manuals (what I understood) I will have to do the same again => share all folders (similar structure as on the first one) with the PC and the notebook. However this will end up at the PC and notebook in having all shared folders as doubles (with a different “server” (in fact “center-point”). Since I have about 12 folders (privat, business, three freelancer organizations) what might be rather confusing (at least for me). The question was if there is an easier/simpler way to set up this.

I am failing to understand what you do not understand.

You can share a single folder with any number of devices. The topology can be of any kind, each device can be sharing the folder with a different number of remote devices if it wishes to. Syncthing is peer to peer, there is no such thing as a “central” folder, all folders on all devices are of equal rights.

If you are referring about having two send only folders (folders that do not accept changes from others), the answer is you can, but they won’t sync among the send only peers, which might not be what you want.

If you have 12 folders you will have to add folders 12 times (potentially on every device as you need to specify the path of where it’s located/to be stored).

Maybe I just think too complicated. With only one location everything is smooth and without any problems.

My first challenge is: if I edit an existing file on my notebook at location A and then move to location B where I will edit the same file with my local PC there. I think that this will not be a problem if I let sync my notebook before I start the PC. If I start the PC at B first, there will be a problem/conflict because it may see only the previous version (before editing at location A).

My second challenge is that I have shared all 12 folders from banana at location A to my notebook (and the local PC) and now I want to do the same with banana at location B (from banana B to notebook) - resulting in 24 shared folders (at notebook - within syncthing) - a little complicated but still not a real problem.

background info: during the setup of the (new) banana B I have synchronized them (by syncthing) so they both have the same folders (incl. content) - they are twins, so to speak.

I think that now I will just make a test: I will add my notebook to banana B, sharing the 12 folders from the notebook to banana B assigning the sharing from the notebook folders to the folders existing at banana B.

I think this should result in a stable working environment wherein all devices (2 x PC, notebook, 2 x banana) will be synchronized - as long as I follow the order of power up as described with my challange No. 1.

Am I mistaken? Have I missed something? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I’m not sure what the complication here is really. You have three devices. On each device, add the other two as remotes. Add the twelve folders. Share them with the other devices. The configs on all three devices are pretty much the same - the twelve folders, shared with the other two devices.

The order you power things on or off or where you physically am should not matter in the least.

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