Syncthing on Synology - folder stopped


I’m a newbie with regards to Syncthing and also just signed up to this forum.

I have set-up Syncthing on my Synology NAS and also on a small ARM computer running Ubuntu Linux, to sync data from the Synology to a harddisk of the Ubuntu machine, the data volume is around 1TB.

Creating the link between both and the shared folders worked well and sync started, but at some point Syncthing on the Synology NAS reported an error “Error on folder xxx: folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss, search docs/forum to get information about how to proceed)” and since then the folde ron the Synology is in “Stopped” stage.

The Ubuntu machine is still receiving data so I wonder about the impact of this “Stopped” status, and how to resolve this - stopping and restaring the Syncthing service on the Synology NAS did not change anything.

Any idea/advice about what to do?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


The folder where the data was disappeared, or the file that syncthing creates to protect against unmounts of storage, was deleted.

I am not sure what you mean by “still receiving data”, but for a stopped folder, nothing will be received etc.

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