Syncthing on Synology DS220+


Which source is the recommended source to install Syncthing on a Synology DS220+ ?

I have read: Instal Syncthing on new Synology DS220+ but:

TL;DR how to install Syncthing on DS220+ in 2023?

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The current address is actually

Thank you @tomasz86. How to choose the right version? I have a standard Synology DS220+ with the default DSM 7.

I see:

DSM 7.x: 7.0 alpine 7.0 alpine4k 7.0 armada370 7.0 armada375 7.0 armada38x 7.0 armadaxp 7.0 monaco 7.0 apollolake 7.0 avoton 7.0 braswell 7.0 broadwell 7.0 broadwellnk 7.0 broadwellnkv2 7.0 broadwellntbap 7.0 bromolow 7.0 cedarview 7.0 denverton 7.0 epyc7002 7.0 geminilake 7.0 grantley 7.0 kvmx64 7.0 purley 7.0 r1000 7.0 v1000 7.0 armada37xx 7.0 rtd1296 7.0 comcerto2k 7.0 evansport

Which one to choose?

The platform of your DS220+ is “Geminilake”. For DSM 7 setup the Link in the package center as mentioned above or use for manual installation[apollolake-avoton-braswell-broadwell-broadwellnk-broadwellnkv2-broadwellntbap-bromolow-cedarview-denverton-epyc7002-geminilake-grantley-kvmx64-purley-r1000-v1000].spk


Thanks Andy, I’ll try this!

Thanks @calmh for reopening the topic!

I’m using 7.0 Geminilake version from SynoCommunity. It works great!

Small question: how “safe” are these versions? Are there published/maintained by someone who is member of the “Syncthing Foundation”? Or is maintained by someone else?

TL;DR: Can we consider this Synology Syncthing package as “trusted” for use in a company?

Congrats again for this amazing software.

They are published by SynoCommunity, so you’d need to trust them.

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